How to Travel Better with Family

Travelling solo is way different than travelling with a family. Family trips can be really enjoyable but of course it needs more planning. Some of the things can help the readers:

1.  Pack as light as possible – Cant Overemphasize

You would be travelling miles and big roller suitcases, giant backpacks and other luggage would be a big drag. Have a small backpack and carry just the basic essential clothes, toiletries, laptop or a book if you need. Besides, you would have to carry the stroller and car seats for the kids. Perhaps you could rent it from the place you visit.

2. Avoid staying in hotels

Living in apartments or town houses is a much better option than hotels. Not only will you save more money but also it’s more convenient with a family. Having your own personal kitchen and laundry area can make things very easy with kids. There is more space for the kids to play and the luggage can also be stacked better and won’t come in the way. Also don’t get the apartment far away from the main city.

3. Always keep food with you

Travelling single would mean eating anything and everything you get your hands on while travelling. But things get different when you are travelling with family esp. kids. Food in a new place has good chances of playing around with your immune system. Even though travelling gives the urge to try local street food, but avoid it as much as you can. Stick to the basics and you will be fine.

4. Keep enough time for each city

Don’t go city hopping rather keep 4-5 days for each place you visit. Without kids, probably 1-2 days would be enough but with kids you would be going at a slower pace and would need more time each city you visit. This would also give you sufficient time to visit more places and not rush through.

5. Keep you kids busy in the travel

Kids nap a lot and that’s a good thing in the travel. Give them books to read or a get a toy for them to play with. Keep them diverted from the fatigue of the travel which will make them cranky and irritable giving a hard time to others passengers.

6. Visit places meant for kids

Visit aquariums, theme parks and let your kids have fun. Travelling means enjoyment and exploring places that are meant for your kids too. Who know you might find them fascinating too.