Travel Tips

  1. Travel Light – Always carry enough clothes but not too many packs. You would be travelling miles but wont be able to enjoy the walk if you carry pounds and pounds of load on your back. Travelling light and smart is the key to any holiday packing.


  1. Wake up early – Every minute counts. Don’t waste your time sleeping and missing capturing the beauty of nature. Sunrise is the best time to take pictures. You can also interact better with the locals without much crowd around. You would get more time for yourself and can visit more places with the extra time. More time more shopping.


  1. Take Extra Cash – Can’t overemphasize taking extra cash along. We always end up splurging and falling short of money. Keeping extra cash always helps in case of emergencies, which no one knows when will happen.


  1. Take your documents – Make sure you have all the photocopies of your passport, health insurance, visas, driver’s license, phone numbers. In a new place, there are chances of theft happening or you might absentmindedly misplace your stuff somewhere. Having a copy saves most of the trouble. Always have a back up plan ready.


  1. Medical Kit – Be prepared for the worst to happen and be enough equipped to deal with it. Medical emergencies can be scary and can happen to anyone unexpectedly. Something seemingly minor can turn into a serious problem. With a health insurance plan in place, you are covered and don’t have to deal with the unexpected expenses.


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