Book a Rental Car and Have a Better Travel

Visiting Toronto for work or vacation? We are located close to the airport to serve you better and have a wide inventory of cars from city driving to luxury to 12 passenger vans. You can pick the perfect travel car at the price you had in mind.

Get Complimentary Pick Up and Drop Off

Upon arrival, we offer complimentary pick up and drop off to your destination place. While other passengers are standing in line waiting for taxi, you just have to go to the rental parking lot and get your vehicle. You would be greeted by one of our employees to guide you through the process. We have a strong commitment towards serving our customers in the best possible way.

Did you pick the car of your choice?

You need to book your car in advance to get the car you had in mind at the best deal. If you delay it, chances are that the car you want has run out or is available at a higher price range. So work on it promptly and search about the company before you rent the car. The customer reviews can offer great insights on the working of the company. Trust me there are many rental companies which have hidden charges and can be a big rip off!!

Money Matters

Who doesn’t want the best price? All of us have a budget and we would like to stick to it or save money (even better). This can only be possible if the car booking is done in advance.  You need to talk to few car rental companies and get to know the best price.

If you book with Airport Auto Rental, we offer great deals for our customers. There are no hidden charges and our terms and conditions are very simple. Trust me, we have customers who said their prior experience with other car rental companies was a nightmare.


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